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comedy-masks-30411_640Nothing mixes better than God and drama. Wait, no… is that right? Well, kind of! As Lutherans and Catholics devoted to social justice, we’re keenly aware of the presence of God around us. And where do we see that more readily expressed than in art, literature, music, and (you guessed it) theater?

At Saint Paul, this connection has become the foundation for a group of theater devotees who love to see the presence of God and theology in stage productions. Periodically, you’ll see them out and about enjoying Denver’s finest stage craft, and meeting late to talk about the show’s implications, meaning, and import for us as faithful Christians in a very complicated world.

If you’re interested in this kind of engagement and discussion, reach out to Theater and Theology Coordinator Dorothy Stenman. Or, take a look at the upcoming opportunities below and buy tickets for an exciting show! Please note that after every performance, there’s an opportunity to examine meaning and message through a theological lens, guided by Pastor Dan Bollman.

A Note to Those Interested in Attending the Shows Listed Below
When you write your check for the ticket amount, please include “Theater and Theology” with the name of the show in the memo line. Checks can be made payable to “Rocky Mountain Synod” and mailed to Dorothy Stenman at 818 Logan Street #1203, Denver, CO 80203. Also, please note that while some performances have scheduled times, others are, as yet, unknown. Please follow the links provided in each show description to find the most up-to-date information on location and time for each performance. 

Upcoming Theater and Theology Events