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The Rev. Penni Walsh, ELCA (Interim)

Rev. Walsh is currently serving Saint Paul as Interim ELCA Pastor while the community transitions from recently resigned Pastor Maly to a future permanent call. Please contact her via our contact page.

The Rev. Fr. Donald Sutton, Roman Catholic

STPdonFr. Sutton began his clerical career in Denver, with associate pastor positions at Holy Ghost Church in downtown Denver and Good Shepherd Catholic Church near Capitol Hill. An unexpected call to more ecumenical ministry led Fr. Sutton to Saint Paul in 2003, where he started the community’s first Catholic gathering. He, along with Saint Paul’s Catholic members, regularly worships and works alongside the Lutheran community to affect the positive, life-affirming changes both value.



Mark Alan Filbert

STPmarkWith a Master of Music and a Master of Sacred Music, Mark has a strong command of the traditional Lutheran musical canon. He has served as a full-time cantor at Saint Paul for almost 15 years, and works both within the community as a director of music and music programs, and through various other churches and communities, like Iglesia Luterana Cristo Rey. His work with the children in this sister congregation has inspired countless youth to pursue further study of music, both liturgical and non-liturgical. Mark is also an ordained Associate in Ministry and was called to Saint Paul to add to the community’s deep love for music as part of the worship experience.


Musicians/Music Leaders
From Local Schools, Universities, and Music Programs

Throughout the liturgical year, Saint Paul hosts numerous musicians from area universities and schools, as well as professional musicians, who help enrich the music program within the community. These music leaders are often solicited by Mark Filbert, though some approach the church to lead worship or host concerts that they feel will have a special place in the environment of Saint Paul.

Administration and Support Staff

Mohamed Jamoum

Church Council

Joe Hanel

Bruce Balliet
Vice President

Aaron J. Oberg

Marcia Bollman
Worship Ministry Chair

Mary Fulton
Education Ministry Chair

Judith Wascher
Evangelism Ministry

Mike Wallin
Property Ministry