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B&B (Beer and Bonding) at Cheeky Monk, November 17

17 Nov 2013 | 12:30 pm
Place : Cheeky Monk—534 East Colfax Avenue

STPbeerDo you like beer? Do you have a fondness for Jesus? Do you also like Belgian food, such as pommes frites and chicken apple sausage? Perhaps you also enjoy universal salvation and Luther’s Small Catechism. If that’s you, or even if it’s not, then join us this coming Sunday at Cheeky Monk in Denver for beer, brethren, sistren, and bonding. Invite friends, family, loved ones, or those who would get a kick out of our sick Lutheran humor. And be prepared to laugh—a lot.

If you have questions, contact Jeff Steen. If you need beer recommendations, ask Joe when you get to the Monk.