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  • If we are already saved by grace, then why do we need Baptism?

    Baptism is the declaration of God's promise of salvation to the person being baptized. It is also a reminder to all the baptized that God indeed has made us adopted sisters and brothers of Christ -- heirs with Christ unto eternal life. I've sometimes used the analogy of a wedding ring: you don't need the ring to be married -- but it is a multi-directional reminder of promises made. I've also told the story many times about a person who wanted me to undo her baptism. I told her that neither I or anything else in all creation could undo God's promise made to her at the baptismal font. "What if I don't want it?" she asked. My reply: "You're stuck with. The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable (see Romans 11.29)." And so went more than a few months of discussion -- until one evening she called, sobbing in my ear: "Damn it. Why did you have to tell me about my baptism?" She is now a priest. So yes, we are saved by faith through grace, but it is sure is great to remember and return to God's promise freely given us in baptism -- even to the point of reminding God of the promise God made in Holy Baptism to you and by name! (KM)