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The New TraditionLaunched in 2016, “The New Tradition” is a podcast featuring discussion on everyday topics, viewed through a Christian lens. This is a fun show—designed to bring together the rich history and theology of different Christian traditions while approaching life in a very human way. Expect a lot of laughter and cheekiness!

“The New Tradition” posts shows every two weeks, hosted by Jeffrey Steen and Pastors Kevin Maly and Don Sutton of Saint Paul. Guests change regularly, but you can find links to stories and issues we discuss here. You can also find this podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Introducing: The New Tradition

What is this “New Tradition” anyway? As those familiar with Saint Paul know, our vision as a community is to be inclusive of all and lead with love in ]our relationships. But at the core of our day-to-day lives, we also think deeply about our faith: What does it mean...
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