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Religious Freedom and Reproductive Justice

29 May 2014 | 07:00 pm

Health_care_reform_supporter_4_at_town_hall_meeting_in_West_Hartford,_Connecticut,_2009-09-02A public forum presented by The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, at Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, 1100 Fillmore Street, Denver. The forum will look at the covert campaign to redefine religious liberty and its implications for access to reproductive health care. Two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court will be considered—the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga cases—dealing with the Affordable Care Act and access to contraception. Panelists: Rev. Nina Churchman, Episcopal priest, John Kane (ret.) Regis Univ., Mark Silverstein ACLU Colorado, Laura Reinsch Pro-Choice Colorado, Rev. Nathan Woodliff- Stanley, Moderator. For more information, call Ted Fritschel at 303.689.0755.