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Adult Forum: The Life of Peter the Apostle with Rick Steves

27 Apr 2014 | 09:15 am

Peter_the_apostleApostle Peter was an ordinary businessman who became one of Christianity’s most influential figures. In fact, he ends up being renamed Petros, or “Rock,” by Jesus. Peter took great risks and witnessed amazing things in the three years he spent as a follower of Jesus, and in the years following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. The video offered this Sunday, hosted by fellow ELCA member Rick Steves, looks at how Peter is depicted in the Bible in conjunction with early church tradition and contemporary scholarship. Steves tours various sites where Peter lived, worked, and died, and shows us some of the great art that tells the story of Peter.

Adult Forum meets in the Dorothy West Room in the basement of Saint Paul Church. For more information about this Adult Forum, or any of our educational opportunities, please contact Mary Fulton.