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Adult Forum: “A Spirituality of Ageing”

11 Jan 2015 | 09:15 am

hands-102225_1280Come join us for an interesting and open discussion on several ideas presented in a new book by Roman Catholic priest Mark G. Boyer. We will read from several “Wisdom Scriptures” from Christian and other major world religions to gather and discuss some insights about aging gracefully.

From the book:  “Sometime around the age of fifty – or as early as forty and as late as sixty – most of us come to terms with our age. We recognize that we have lived out at least half of the time allotted to us… Coming to terms with our age is a process …As we progress through these stages, a spirituality of ageing emerges. ”

All Ages Invited!  Facilitated by Jeri Rodrick and Jim Harrer. Adult forum meets at 9:15am in the Dorothy Day Room near the kitchen.